September 28, 2007

...Friday's Favorites...

My favorite Pumpkin Spread...perfect for the fall & soo yummy on top of pumpkin bread, waffles, and crepes!

1 (16 oz) container cool whip...thawed
1 (5 oz) package instant vanilla pudding
1 (15 oz) can pumpkin
1/2 - 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

In a large bowl, mix together instant vanilla pudding, pudding, & pumpkin pie spice. Fold in whipped topping & chill.

September 24, 2007

...Bronco the Fish...

So as some of you may know, pOttY tRaiNing Zac has been a very long, drawn out process for us. He hasn't been so sure about going #2 on the we've told him that once he gets that down, he'll get to pick out a fish. Well, we are so proud to finally say that HE DID IT!! And he is finally potty trained...well today was his 4th day wearing Lightning McQueen underpants without an accident, so I assume that we can say it's official! Yay!!

Here's Zac at Petco, with his Beta fish "bRonCo"...fitting don't you think?

We couldn't resist buying the oRanGe & bLUe rocks for Bronco's little fish turned out to be a pretty cute little home for the guy.

And here's Zac kissing Bronco goodnight. He is LOviNg his first pet...and all day has made sure to let Bronco know where we're going and that "we'll be right back Bronco". But to be honest...I'm not so sure how long our little fish will last. Today Zac has wanted to carry him around everywhere, spilling water a couple of times...and he's wanted to feed him diet coke & crackers. I can't blame him for being so excited, but I've been playing the part of fish rescuer hopefully here soon we can teach Zac what & what not to do with Bronco...and, unfortunately, I'm afraid there's not much to do with a fiSh.

September 21, 2007

...Friday's Favorites...

One of the things I love most about the summer is all of the yummy fruit...and of that yummy fruit, watermelon to me, is by far the most satisfying! We've been lucky to have Costco so close, because they have the best seedless watermelons for only $ yes, we've gone through at least one watermelon a week this summer...and we're really going to miss having this yummy, juicy treat in our fridge throughout the winter months.

I've passed my love of watermelon on to you can see. :)

..."I Scored! I Scored!"...

What do you get when you combine plastic cups, tape, & a ball? Our version of "At-home Bowling". Zac loves it, every time he knocks a "pin" down he jumps up down while yelling "I Scored!" Cheap entertainment...isn't it great?! :)

...Temple Square & The Great Salt Lake...

It's taken me a few days to post these, but on Sunday we had our Stake Conference. We got there late, which isn't unusual for us, and we hadn't even been there for 10 minutes, when Emerson had a hUge blowout...go figure right? But seeing as how she hadn't pooped for like 4 days, I wasn't surprised. Chad was the lucky one who happened to be holding her and of course it got on his shirt, so we went home, got changed & decided to go to Temple Square to make up for it.

This is from the top of the Conference Center, I had never been up there but always wanted to see the gardens. It really was pretty...quite the building I'd have to say!

Zac's new favorite thing to do is jump over cracks...don't you remember doing that? Kids do a great job of making simple things fun...I need to be more like that.

Then we made our way out to The Great Salt Lake...kind of pathetic that I've lived in Utah for practically my whole life & have never been out there. Despite the fact that our car got stuck in like 3 feet of quicksand & we had to get help to push our car out of the sand, we had a great time...our own little version of the beaches in Utah...well sort of.

September 19, 2007

...Mommy Cover Discount...

Okay, so you may remember a few weeks ago I posted one of my fAvoRiTe things ever, "thE mOmmY cOveR" by Joia. Well a few days ago, Joia contacted me because there have been so many people linking onto their site from my blog. I'm glad that so many of you like it as much as I do...and here's some good news! Joia will give you a $39 Mommy Cover for only $30 when you use the coupon code "lyNdsie" on their site. Hope this helps...and Happy Nursing! :)

September 18, 2007

...Happy BiRThdAy Heather...

Yay! Heather's tWeNTy ! I love this sister of mine & hope despite the fact that she got in a car accident on her birthday...that she had a wONdeRfuL day!

September 16, 2007

...Happy BiRThdAy Brooke...

My little sister bRoOke turned TeN years old today...we lovE her very much & think she's pretty much the cOoLeSt 4th grader around!

Here are the invitations Brooke & I made for her birthday party...I got the idea from Studio 5, a news program/talk show here in Utah...they turned out pretty cute I thought, and they were very quick & fun to make.

September 14, 2007

...Friday's Favorites...

So here you have favorite purchase of the week, "the Office: season three". Really, how can you watch it and not laugh at something?! Yesterday was a bit of a stressful mom day for me. Chad was out of town for the night & I slept at my parents'. Zac gets on this kick when he's at either of his grandparents' houses...and he decides that he doesn't want to go to bed. To make a long story short by the time Zac was asleep, it was past 11, I was in tears, and I felt like a horrible mom. I walked out into the family room & my sister Kylie was just putting "The Office" in to watch. It was the perfect ending to a hard day...thank you Dwight...for making me laugh when I really didn't think it was possible! :)

...Blinded by the Bow...

So I'm busy doing laundry, driving the car, bathing Zac, working on the computer, or whatever it may be and I start to hear Emerson grunting...and every time I find her like this turning her head back & forth confused as to why she can't see. She's now learned how to pull her head bands down over eyes & it makes me laugh every time. I probably should stop putting the dumb things on her little head, but I can't help myself sometimes...I just think they're too cute.

September 10, 2007

...My Rockstar of a Husband...

So Guitar Hero is Chad's new found love. Here he is jamming out at our friends Teyan & Jessica''s weird, it just comes sooo natural to him. ;)

Now he thinks he's a rockstar...this was such a fun game! You sing along and it grades you on how well you sing on key. I pretty much failed every time, pathetic but true.

Notice my white legs...however I have been tanning two times since this picture was taken. So now that summer's practically over I'm going tanning?? Don't ask me why.

September 7, 2007

...Friday Favorites...

So my favorite sweet tooth satisfying treat is hands down a McDonald's soft served icecream cone! The addiction began probably close to 5 years ago, when Santa left a book full of McDonalds $1 gift certificates in our stockings. For the next 4 months following Christmas, instead of going out for hot chocolate, we would go get icecream instead...despite the fact that it was below freezing in Rexburg, Idaho. Ever since, I've been a loyal McDonald's Icecream Cone Consumer. Not only are they quick & delicious, but better yet...they have only 150 calories and cost less than $1. Another perk is...they usually have little kiddie cones for 25 cents. Zac thinks they are the coolest thing ever since they're just his size, but we have a hard time finding them since they're only at select locations...(that causes problems sometimes as you can probably imagine)...but other than that, they really are the perfect treat for those of us craving something sweet when we're on the go, or not on the go for that matter!

September 3, 2007

...What's Been Happening...

Last week was a busy one for our little start it all off, we went to the Josh Groban concert and I loved it! I've always wanted to hear him live...and seriously it was awesome! He has an amazing voice...and surprisingly he was quite the entertainer, I'd go again in a heart beat...Chad on the other hand...says he has an "appreciation for his music."

And then of course, there was the Boise State football game!! We drove to Boise for the occasion...and we won was definitely worth it. I had to get a picture of the Fiesta Bowl Champions sign...seeing as how that was the BeST game ever!

Here's the Broncos getting ready to run out on the one & only blue turf!

Zac's game day attire...he loves them "Broncers"!

And then we got to celebrate Grandma Field's 88th birthday! She's such a great lady...I hope I live to have as much energy as she does at that age.

One of the things I miss most about living in Boise is the river! We went on a walk along the greenbelt for old times' was great. Zac loved throwing rocks in the water & Emerson loved just being outside...she's starting to notice everything now, so it's fun to watch her constantly looking around. I've decided that the only thing Utah is missing is a nice pretty river running through the middle of the city with a nice greenbelt right alongside it, it's my favorite.

So we're home now...and I'm proud of myself because I got all the bags unpacked, clothes washed & PUT AWAY today! Usually it takes me a few days to get things back in order, but we got back early today so I had the time to do it, and can I just tell you that I'm going to sleep better because of it. Yay for me...Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! :)