September 21, 2007

...Temple Square & The Great Salt Lake...

It's taken me a few days to post these, but on Sunday we had our Stake Conference. We got there late, which isn't unusual for us, and we hadn't even been there for 10 minutes, when Emerson had a hUge blowout...go figure right? But seeing as how she hadn't pooped for like 4 days, I wasn't surprised. Chad was the lucky one who happened to be holding her and of course it got on his shirt, so we went home, got changed & decided to go to Temple Square to make up for it.

This is from the top of the Conference Center, I had never been up there but always wanted to see the gardens. It really was pretty...quite the building I'd have to say!

Zac's new favorite thing to do is jump over cracks...don't you remember doing that? Kids do a great job of making simple things fun...I need to be more like that.

Then we made our way out to The Great Salt Lake...kind of pathetic that I've lived in Utah for practically my whole life & have never been out there. Despite the fact that our car got stuck in like 3 feet of quicksand & we had to get help to push our car out of the sand, we had a great time...our own little version of the beaches in Utah...well sort of.

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Kenny & Melissa Hardy said...

Look like so much fun. Don't you love having your own little family that you can make the decisions for(like when to know it's ok to try a different avenue for Sunday)
SOOO cute pics