December 30, 2007

...chRistMaS 2007...

So yes, I've had a break from the blogging world for a couple of weeks...but now that we're back from Boise and Christmas presents are put away, the fridge is restocked, and laundry is done (washed atleast)...I'm starting to get back into the swing of things and found time to finally post some pictures from our Christmas festivities in Boise. It was a great Christmas for the Field family...we hope you all had a fun holiday as well!

** chRistmAs eVe **

Zac got to be "joseph" for the live nativity scene...i don't think he really understood what the heck he was doing, but he really liked the fact that he got to dress up!

Thanks to cousin Becky, she whipped up some costumes for the nativity super fast with her fabric scraps...pretty impressive I must say!

And like every Christmas Eve, we got to open one present...only to find new Christmas pajamas! By this time, Zac couldn't stop talking about Santa coming. Literally for the last 2-3 hours of the night, that is ALL we talked was really fun to see him get sooo into the whole Santa thing.

** chRistmAs mOrniNg **

Here he is bright and early Christmas morning waiting upstairs while grandpa checked to see if Santa came...that was always the worst part of Christmas for me as a seems to always take forever!

Gotta love Zac's bed head.

And of course, I got so caught up in the moment & the excitement of everything that i didn't get a picture of Zac discovering his "Ego Ego puzzle with the turtle"...but yes, Santa did bring him one & Zac was a VERY happy boy because of it!

Our classic Christmas Day attire...except for Emerson...I had fun playing dress up with her new clothes.

Checking out Uncle Jer's video ipod...

** cHeesecaKe fActoRy **

And what's a trip to Boise without lunch at the Cheesecake Factory? Their salads are amazing, I must say! Mom & Dad Field always spoil us with great food when we visit...and it always makes for a great time!

Emerson was definitely not hurting for attention...i think she maybe spent a total of 5 minutes on the ground while we were in Boise...and you better believe that she loved every minute of it!

December 19, 2007

..."Mees Mommy Gone"...

Zac and I were running errands yesterday...and of course listening to Christmas music as we drove around. "Feliz Navidad" came on & I started singing right along....and so did Zac. When he heard what I was singing, you know the lyrics "Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad...." he piped right up and said, "No, Mom! Not's
Mees Mommy Gone,
Mees Mommy Gone!

And he went right on singing! He must be my son, because I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've made up my own words to songs...even if they make no sense at all, I sing whatever the song sounds like to me...and it works...makes it more personal, you know?!

December 17, 2007 Christmas party...

My mom & dad had our family Christmas party last night since we're going to be in Boise this year...we had a great time...but I still can't believe Christmas is in a week!! What happened to my plan of being all ready weeks in advance??

Emerson got a blanket made by turned out very cute...thanks mom!

Okay, these are the coolest things ever!! My mom got them down at Bloomer's...and they're like these water marble things. I can't even explain them...but they are so pretty and even more fun to play with because they feel so cool. The babies loved them!

And we had a very special visitor stop by...yes, the one and only Santa Claus!

Zac wasn't shy at all, which is totally opposite of last year...i was a pleasantly surprised.

And the jumping started once Santa pulled out a present just for fun! thanks for the fun presents Santa!

...wonderland of lights...

Another fun thing we love to do at Christmas time is head over to Thanksgiving Point to go on a wagon ride through the light show. Obviously, it's freezing every time...but we think it's more fun than just driving through in our car, & Zac thinks it's way more exciting...obviously!

December 14, 2007

...Friday's Favorites...

Christmastime is always so fun...cRazy...but fun! I must admit that I am a bit stressed right now. I've been looking so forward to making some yummy, festive meals, but I've been so busy, the last thing I want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. So, after a rather hectic day, I opted for a $5 rotisserie chicken from Costco!! was a lifesaver's simple, quick, clean, & oh so tasty. So thank you rotisserie chicken...for making my life simpler & my stomach happy on such a long, crazy day!

December 12, 2007

...lights at temple square...

So, yes going to see the lights on Temple Square during the holidays is one of our little traditions as a well as most people living in Utah. But it's always quite the sight to see...Zac loved it, but in all actuality I think he loved wearing Chad's Boise State beanie more than the lights. He would stop like every ten feet and tell me to take a picture of him...i didn't want to bore all of you with 50 pictures of Zac in the same here's just one of many....many, many!

...some holiday treats...

You may remember our halloween gingerbread house...well how can you make one for that holiday and not for Christmas??? You can't...atleast we can' here's the gingerbread house that Zac & I made while Emerson was entertained just watching from the side-lines. I think most of the frosting & candy ended up in Zac's mouth.

And then there were the christmas tree rice krispie treats...with red hot ornaments that Zac so carefully put on each and every one.

December 7, 2007

...Friday's Favorites...

So really, what can be better than a nice cup of hot chocolate on these cold winter days? I can't think of anything better...and Williams Sonoma has the best hot chocolate mixes ever! For a festive touch, try dipping the rim of your mugs in white chocolate, egg nog, or even corn syrup...followed by crushed up candy turns out very cute and is oh so yummy!

December 4, 2007

..."Ego, Ego Puzzle"...

Zac really only wants one thing for Christmas, a "Ego, Ego puzzle...with the turtle!" He saw it at Toys "R" Us a month or so ago & has wanted it ever since. I've been thinking "This is gReat! As long as Zac gets that puzzle (which he is) everything on top of that, will just be extra! And he'll have a great chRistmAs!" Well, you all know how fun it was to be wAiting and waiting for that one special toy from Santa...and then you're so excited on Christmas morning to wake up and find that Santa brought it...right?! Well I totally remember that feeling, so I've been exCited for this Christmas, since Zac's been anticipating this "Ego, Ego puzzle" for so long, right?

Well...on Sunday, I was sick with the stomach flu, so Chad & Zac had their fair share of bOnding time & Zac was an extra big heLper to Chad...sooo Chad promised Zac that he'd take him to the store to pick out a prize...can you see where this is going?! So, of course, they go to the store & Zac gets to pick out a prize, and what do you think it was?! Yes, a Go Diego Go puZzle...with the turtle!! I couldn't believe that Chad gave into Zac sooo easily, he must be a puShover dad or something! What happened to kids waiting in suSpense until chRistmAs comes?!! Anyway....after some talking to, Chad convinced Zac that Santa Claus would probably be sad if he found out that Zac already had a Go Diego Go puzzle...and we don't want to make sAnta sad....sooo....we've decided to give the puzzle to Toys for Tots...and Zac will continue being a good boy for Santa in hopes that he'll get his "Ego, Ego Puzzle...with the Turtle"!