December 17, 2007 Christmas party...

My mom & dad had our family Christmas party last night since we're going to be in Boise this year...we had a great time...but I still can't believe Christmas is in a week!! What happened to my plan of being all ready weeks in advance??

Emerson got a blanket made by turned out very cute...thanks mom!

Okay, these are the coolest things ever!! My mom got them down at Bloomer's...and they're like these water marble things. I can't even explain them...but they are so pretty and even more fun to play with because they feel so cool. The babies loved them!

And we had a very special visitor stop by...yes, the one and only Santa Claus!

Zac wasn't shy at all, which is totally opposite of last year...i was a pleasantly surprised.

And the jumping started once Santa pulled out a present just for fun! thanks for the fun presents Santa!


Nicole said...

Cute pics Lynds! Santa is sooo awesome! Scott wasn't ready for him this year, maybe next!

Becks & Avi said...

Hey Lynds-
That santa is totally cute. Beckham was the same way this year. I was also so glad, the crying gets old two years in a row. Oh & thanks for the plug for Bloomer's. We are also getting in the coolest plush animal blanket things. Too bad they are coming so late. You will have to come in & check them out. They should be here Friday. Anyway...super cute as AlWaYs!

Skidmore Family said...

What a fun family party and that blanket your mom made is so cute. I'm glad Zac wasn't scared of Santa it's so fun when they get excited to see him and tell him what they want.

elizabeth said...

Emerson is so big!! What a cutie!!