December 12, 2007

...some holiday treats...

You may remember our halloween gingerbread house...well how can you make one for that holiday and not for Christmas??? You can't...atleast we can' here's the gingerbread house that Zac & I made while Emerson was entertained just watching from the side-lines. I think most of the frosting & candy ended up in Zac's mouth.

And then there were the christmas tree rice krispie treats...with red hot ornaments that Zac so carefully put on each and every one.


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

we did the halloween house as well - it didn't turn out so well so Im not sure we'll venture to the gingerbread house - but I think Tyson and I could get on board with the rice krispie trees. that's a great idea.

oh, and i love the family pictures on the side.

Skidmore Family said...

Once again, so cute. You seriously are one of the most creative people I know. I just hope when Karston gets older that I have a tenth of the energy and cute ideas that you do with your family.