February 22, 2009

...bowling & bobsleds part 1...

the kids have been sick lately & starting to feel a little cooped up...so we decided to get out of the house yesterday and go bowling & up to park city. it started out as a fun day...but by the end of it the kids were tired and we were tired of dealing with tired kids...it's always fun when you have a screaming child flopping all over the booth at dinner with another child whining about anything and everything he could possibly think of...all while you're trying to eat your dinner because you're starving. it was lovely. the one nice thing about them being so tired is that they both fell asleep on the ride home...we put them in their beds at 7:30 & then spent the rest of our night lounging on the couch watching the jazz game. it was a great way to re-energize! :)

and so our day began at the bowling alley...thanks to theses little contraptions & the bumpers...zac & emerson did great & loved every minute of it.




so suspenseful!


i think she was having fun, what do you think??!


here is emerson giving zac her infamous "NO!! NO!!" she did NOT want him touching the ball at all...and zac remains unphased. "NO!" is one of the few (and i emphasize few) words that her vocabulary consists of at the moment! she has major attitude at times & we can't help but laugh...it must be a girl thing is all i can say...so funny!


and then it was off to park city. those pictures to come...i'm going to bed! :)


JJLanier said...

More than the pictures- I love to hear that we're not the only ones who have experienced cranky kids at a restaurant. How fun to go bowling!

RaeAnn said...

Emerson's look and finger is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I wanted to tell you about my cousin that shared some photo tips...you can check out her blog at: denaeharlow.blogspot.com
You probably already know these tips, but I soak all that stuff up!

Denise said...

Lynds...everytime I see pictures of you I'm reminded that I need a new wardrobe....BIG TIME! So, if you ever get tired of your clothes, I'll take them, okay! Ha! Looks like you had fun bowling up a storm!

Skidmore Family said...

I love watching little kids bowl. We took Karston for the first time over Christmas and he loved it. Glad you could get out of the house, even if you had tired kids.