June 9, 2009

pillows for sale!!


I bought all 8 of the pillows in March, not knowing that a few months later we would be repainting the room with a contrasting color. Sooo....they no longer work in the space. They are all in very good condition, except for a few LIGHT soil spots on the gold pillows. I accounted for that in the pricing. All of the pillows can still be found in the store.

leave a comment or email me if you're interested!! lyndsie.field@gmail.com




Charlotte said...

Glad to see you worked that one out with Chad... or did you?

I would totally be interested if I had couches to put the pillows on. But all I have right now is a falling apart maroon loveseat- and that would TOTALLY clash with the pillows.

Good luck with the sale!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE those pillows...and thought they looked great in that room. did you paint again? am i missing something?

RaeAnn said...

Got your comment about being in town this weekend and would love to see you! Let me know if you have any free time or if we need to come see you at Mike and Debbies.

Denise said...

Adosoultely adorable! Too bad I already spent $100 on pillows last summer because these are dang cute!!

Hey, are you going to our freshman roomate reunion over the 24th of July? If so, I was going to see if I could hitch a ride with you to Sara's house!

Let me know!

Heather Telford said...

mmmm.. tempting!! They would match my room perfectly!! Ill talk to Jeff.. :)

pam said...

Those are super cute! Sounds like you guys are staying busy. . . We can't wait 'til your next visit to boise!!

Starnes fam said...

Hello Fields!
Chad...you are on the "where in the world is....list as far as the 10 year reunion is concerned. In case you haven't already seen it, here is the website about the reunion. http://bhsths99.com/?page_id=21
Just thought I would let you know! Hope you guys go!