June 23, 2009

some of summer

even though it's been rainy almost every day in june, we've managed to take advantage of the few non-rainy times and enjoy some time outside. there's a grassy park right across the street from our house, so it's been a perfect spot for some golf-swing practicing for me, t-ball and soccer practice for zac, and lots of running & rolling around for miss emerson....we love it!!



we made it out to the air show a few weeks ago & it was soooo bright....like give you a major headache bright. we didn't bring sunglasses for the kids, so they wore ours....here's zac sporting my sunglasses...so funny, but he pulls it off!


and then there was a car show with all sorts of old classic cars...we all loved that one...except emerson was a bit more tense. there were TONS of big dogs everywhere, and she has a MAJOR MAJOR fear of dogs...so she spent a lot of time on the look out...staring them down to make sure there were no surprise attacks. zac thought this little pig was pretty cool...and insisted that i take a picture of him standing by it... :)


emmy has come down with pneumonia TWICE in less than two months, the last time being just on thursday. it's been a little crazy, but she's doing much better now & we're just hoping that we can stay healthy from here on out...(cross our fingers!!) and yes this picture is just beautiful of me, workout clothes, greasy hair & all...i know...but it reflects how i've looked probably 60% of the time this month...poor chad!! it sure saves time though!! ;)


we've spent lots of time in doors this past little while, so there's been lots of picture drawing and word spelling ...which zac loves & it keeps him so busy, so of course i'm a fan!



RaeAnn said...

I love your blog makeover! Looks like you have found fun things to do amidst the rainy summer!

Nicole said...

I love that picture of the two kiddies by the airplane! What an awesome picture! And Emerson is throwing quite the pose-too cute!

Andrea S. said...

It seems like you're always up to something fun, even if it's just going to the park at night. I can't get over Emmerson's hair--I love those curls.

Debbie said...

I LOVE the photos! You're becoming quite the photographer. Thanks for sharing---we LOVE you!

Bryn said...

At least you work out Lynds. I wish I was sporting that look more often, just the roll out of bed play with Braddock pj look. I can't believe what a Chad look Zac has with his hand in his pocket. So funny. Love the pics.

Luci, Paul and Jack said...

Looks like you've been having so much fun! Emerson is just such a beauty, she may give Chad some gray hairs when she's older with all the boys knocking on the door ;-). I hope she stays healthy for a good long time, poor girl.