June 24, 2009

luci & jack

i took some pictures for a friend of mine last week...and it really was so much fun. luci is such an easy going, down-to-earth person...she's one of those people that is just refreshing to be around and she made my job easy! jack LOVED his cute little cars and wouldn't put them down for a second...so cute! anyway...i was glad that luci let me take some pictures...here's a few of them!!








Kelly Munns said...

wow, you are really good, lynds! they look amazing. looks like you had some good models, but your work is awesome! keep it up!

snow family said...

These look great.. and I am in love with all the pics of your kids summer time! Just wanted to tell ya that I made a cute banner for my babies birthday!! Thanks for the cute idea!

Andrea S. said...

The pictures look great. I love the one where she's holding Jack up and there's a little bit of sun flare.

Mary Dawn said...

I love your photography skills! we can't wait to come to Boise and see everyone this fall.

The Reichmans said...

cute pictures lynds!

Holly Park said...

Great job! It's so neat that you're capturing these pics--you're really talented!

Luci, Paul and Jack said...

Hey Lyndsie! I just found these on your blog! How fun!!! I haven't even gotten around to putting them up on mine, though I keep reminding myself too. You did such a great job, thanks again! You made an 8 months pregnant lady look pretty good ;-).