July 18, 2007

Dressed for Success

So the other day we were headed out to run some errands, and I asked Zac to go get his shorts and crocs on. A few minutes later, he came running out and so proudly said, "Okay mom, my ready to go!" Ya' gotta love his backwards shorts and mismatching crocs...pretty cute I'd have to say!


Karen said...

Hey Lyndsie! I was so glad to see your comment! How did you find my blog? Zac is such a cutie and your post made me laugh so hard. I am stil l dying to see Emerson! Hopefully soon! You have the cutest little family. I told Heather last night that we need to make her a blog and she really wanted to! I hope she does soon. It is just another fun way to keep in touch! Have a good day! :)


call me said...

Lol, Lyndsie I laughed so hard at this picture after I realized what was wrong with it! He is so cute! I love the new look of your blog too. Feel free to re-design mine!


Tara said...

Lyndsie! Such a cute little family you have! I keep running into your mom at random places so I get to hear all about you and your sis' little baby girls. They're just beautiful! Love lookin' at your blog!

collin and liz said...

Thanks a ton for coming down to our house today! You guys are awesome! We're coming up to Bountiful next time! Thanks for the candy bars;)

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

Lyndsie - your family is very cute! I am glad to be able to keep track of the fun things you guys are doing these days. I love blogs!!