July 11, 2007

She's a Smiling!!

There's nothing better than a baby's smile!! It is truly my favorite thing ever to see her smile and hear her starting to jibber jabber. This last weekend we were in Boise visiting Chad's parents and they pulled out some pictures of Zac when he was a baby and can I just tell you that it is crazy how much Emerson and Zac look alike! I knew that she resembled him, but since my pictures are in storage, I haven't had a chance to really compare the two of them side by side. It's pretty fun, I was hoping that they'd resemble each other and they sure do. I'll have to post some of Zac's baby pictures...once I decide to pull them out of storage!! :)

1 comment:

Brynn said...

Haha!! Emerson is soo cute!! :) :) I love these pictures of her!! Now that her and Kalle are both smiling we need to go get their pictures taken!! She really is soo cute!! I love her!! :)Bye!!