May 13, 2009

...emmy's 2nd birthday - part 3...

here's the cake, which was far from perfect...but it turned out pretty cute and served its purpose, which was mainly for decoration & blowing out candles! :)



the easiest & probably best tasting fondant recipe:

1 (2 lb.) bag powdered sugar
1 bag of mini marshmallows
2 Tbsp. water

*put marshmallows & water in a large microwave safe bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals until the marshmallows are smooth with no lumps. (stir between each microwave session)

*then gradually add powdered sugar. once it is workable (not super sticky, pour it onto the remaining powdered sugar. (you may want to grease your counter top & hands with crisco to prevent sticking.) knead it until it is the consistency you want. you'll end up using most of, but not all of the powdered sugar. :)


JJLanier said...

my little Laurie has her first birthday next week. I've been looking for a cute cake idea- maybe I'll try one like Emmy's. She is so cute with her curls!

Jeff and Kandis said...

love the cake, so cute! I used that recipe for Mason's cake and it was definitely easier.

Shelley said...

Did you make that pig out of fondant??? He is SO cute.

snow family said...

Looks like fun lynds! Leighton b-day is coming up; could I just pay you to design it all?? ... :)

Mr. and Mrs. Pope said...

nice job lynds! i love the little piggy on top of the cake! i know what you mean about being overwhelmed with blogging . .but i love seeing pics of your cute kids (and because you are so good with the camera!) any pictures from your birthday missy?!!:) glad it was a fun day for all!

Me said...

Hi! I'm Emily & I'm Tanya's sister-in-law. She raves about all of your cute stuff so I had to check out your blog for myself.:)

I just have to tell you how I love all of your cute ideas! Thanks for the fondant recipe too. Your cake turned out darling.:)