May 15, 2009

...emmy's 2nd birthday - part 5...

i found these suckers at oriental trading & couldn't resist. such a good deal too, 12 suckers for $6.95...not bad!


a birthday party just wouldn't be the same without cupcakes...(and yes, the pig is made out of fondant)


we had some "fresh cream" to go along with our farm theme. i made a few other signs "pig slop" for the baked beans, "100% beef" for the hamburgers, and "chicken feed" for some chex mix treats...

(i found the little buckets at zurchers...i think they were like .35 cents...or maybe they were .70 cents, i can't remember...but i thought it was a good deal)


zac saw these barn shaped cookie cutters at orson & he spotted them, i don't know. but once again, i couldn't resist & we made some for our guests to take home.


have you ever wondered how to get that perfectly smooth look on your sugar cookies? well i have & i finally figured out! you use royal icing, and i found a great recipe here that's simple and very yummy!


RaeAnn said... wonder you are having to do this in sections. you really go all out girlie. how does one get an invite to these exclusive shin-digs?

Tanya said...

what a lucky little girl. her birthday looks like it was amazing lynds! your parties have inspired me to do better with my own kids parties. you are very talented.

Amy & Clark said...

What a darling birthday! I sure hope your sweet little 2 year old can look back at these pictures and appreciate how much work you put into it!

Mr. and Mrs. Pope said...

so i keep waiting for you to come out and say that you have started your own catering business or party planning blog or something! seriously i KNOW people would pay big bucks for you to take over their kids birthday, baby shower, graduation party, any event. you always put so much time into every detail that the guest of honor must feel so special. c'mon lynds .. party planning blog ..think about it.. think about it! i wish i was closer so i could be your right hand lady and learn all your cute tricks and secrets of planning a party! (you could even be the photographer at these events) . .okay . .my comment is longer than your post.. i'm done . . really! :)

The Stoddard Show said...

so cute! Thanks for sharing all your cute ideas. I love the easy fondant recipe! Tonya (aka Denise's fav sister)